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A brand new musical and lyrical adventure from Serbian progressive/power metal act A|SYMMETRY. Conceptual story fragmented to 9 songs in total length of 50 minutes of genuine mixture of progressive/power metal and traditional prog-metal sound of 90s, as well as versatile hard rock to death metal influences. For fans of heavy guitar riffs, powerful vocals, spacey & vintage keyboards and prog-drumming.

Album features Linus Abrahamson (Andromeda, Galahad, Edge of a Circle, Fragile), Johan Reinholdz (Andromeda, Skyfire, Nonexist) and Dusan Svilokos Djuric (Trigger).

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Fragility is now available as CD release. Both standard jewel case and digipack release contains booklet with full color printed 16 pages and if you want, it can be signed by band members before sending to you!

Digipack version is at the moment limited just to 100 pieces and some of CD's include guitar picks that were used for recording of the album. A few lucky fans will have this piece of band's history.

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A|SYMMETRY are: Radomir Nikolic, Nenad Jakovljevic, Aleksandar Stojkovic, Petar Milutinovic, Zoran Perin


A five piece progressive/power metal act A|SYMMETRY started its journey in 2006 as a studio project with first demos recorded in 2007, but the real thing happened in 2011 when old friends from progressive rock/metal band BURNING CIRCLE, Aleksandar and Radomir came onboard and completed the band's lineup. The end of year 2012 remarks release of EP Room 17: Hours Between Shadows and Light which received very positive critics and made successful debut. Also, the gigs started, including opening for FATES WARNING in Belgrade in November 2014.

Fragility embarks the debut full-length album and brings strong and complex progressive metal music painted with powerful vocals that tell story of Aral Sea.

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